Jun 19, 2013

No More Philadelphia Traffic Court

Now all Philadelphia Traffic Court functions will be completed by the Philadelphia Municipal Court. New judges will be assigned and cases are currently being transferred.

Philly Traffic Court CLOSED

So no one knows how this transition will affect traffic tickets and parking tickets in Philadelphia. The state legislators expect this to help prevent corruption and illicit activities, but I do not believe they anticipated the case load this will bring to the Municipal Court and those judges and staff. Only time will tell!

For now the best way to contact the Traffic Court in Philly is in person. You can also try calling the Traffic Court Phone Number 215-686-1675

From the current Traffic Court Website

The Philadelphia Traffic Court Bench is composed of seven judges, elected by the populace. They preside over and adjudicate moving citations issued within the City and County of Philadelphia, as provided in Title 75 of the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code, set by the Legislature of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Included among these Judges is an Administrative Judge, the Honorable Gary S. Glazer.

All inquiries concerning parking violations should be directed to the Parking Authority at (888) 591-3636.

The Traffic Court is located at 800 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19123-2690. The Court is open to the public between the hours of 8:30 A.M. and 7:30 P.M., Monday through Friday.

Our mailing address is: 800 Spring Garden Street, Post Office Box 56301, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19130-6301. Our main telephone number is (215)686-1675.

Philadelphia Traffic Court attempts to offer the community the most efficient service possible. Through extended evening hours and affordable payment plans, it is the court's objective to make resolution and payment of outstanding traffic citations as convenient as possible for responsible citizens.

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